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The IDTA can help you achieve your goal of becoming a dance teacher or completing further teaching qualifications in all dance forms.

Would you like to train to be an IDTA dance teacher?

The IDTA, through its member teachers, can offer training for IDTA professional dance teaching qualifications in a wide range of dance genres. You can train at your own pace with a dance teacher near you and enter for your examination when you are ready. All syllabi, technique books, set music CDs and DVDs are available from our shop.

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Do you have a dance qualification, a degree or diploma?

If you hold a dance qualification, a dance degree or diploma or an Anatomy & Physiology qualification, you may be exempt from some of the prerequisites for the IDTA professional teaching qualifications. Each case is reviewed individually. You will need to contact Head Office, providing a copy of your qualifications for review.

Already a qualified dance teacher?

The IDTA will consider applications from dance teachers who are qualified with one of the private sector dance teaching awarding organisations. Each application is considered individually. If you would like to join the IDTA, please complete the form below. You will be required to provide copies of your current qualifications. You are also required to provide two professional references who can confirm your qualifications and experience level. When your application has been accepted we will write to you and advise you of the one off entrance fee and annual subscription payable. For details of the current entrance fee and annual subscription payable please contact IDTA Head Office.

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The IDTA Annual membership subscription is due on the 1st of January each year. Renewal notices are circulated to members with the Dance International magazine. Subscription renewals can be paid by direct debit or via the online payment system, by cheque or over the phone. Members who have not renewed their annual subscription by 28th February will be lapsed and contacted by post.

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If your membership has lapsed, please complete the form below and the IDTA Accounts Department will contact you regarding your subscription and any reinstatement fees.

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